Proficient utility to recover lost files from hard drive

Have you ever heard of losing many important files from your hard drive?

A lot of users prefer the hard disk to hold the files necessary information relating to their work along with personal data because of its safe, simple user interface simple and reliable file system operations are performed. Regardless of how consistent and secure the strategy of file it is, but there are some circumstances that result in a decrease of important files lost. Whatever the reason might be, but in the end the final result is going to be loss of important files you have.Conditions have become much more frustrating if you find the lack of back up important files completely. However, dragging the files does not mean that you lose them forever. If you provide these files you will be able to restore to get rid of it by using recovery software. Recover lost files could be the best tool in relation to recover lost files from your hard drive .

You will find a lot of different circumstances where a lot of people who use computers lose their most important files that a treasure for them. A little ‘more frequent loss of data scenarios are as follows.

  • Ø Sometimes because of failure of the main system broken or de-activate, the file system is damaged. Next to this moment, the risk of losing the files are no longer enough.
  • Ø Each usually during the transfer of files from the USB drive to the PC, if you abruptly retrieve the USB drive then the loss of critical data is going to be guaranteed
  • Ø Sometimes due to viruses or software glitches or copy a damaged file, its keep could be chances of data corruption. This status, a lot of important files may be lost.
  • Ø The other most common reasons such as power failure, the lost data after the failure of the disk defrag, third-party tools, unexpected system shutdown, etc. may also lead to decrease file

A recovery tool works typically only part of other utility application used. The program first looks for a deleted file selected, or sometimes all it all depends on the consumer. It will rewrite the index is a table of contents for your operating system to gain access to data to any instance of time. At the same time, the file is actually saved to an alternate location within the system. So that it could be reused. A good recovery tool should be competent to recover the files, despite the change in the file system.

To combat any type of disaster loss of critical data, a correction which is usually always recommended to have a backup of their important files that will help in disaster management. An appropriate backup invariably stand behind you once you face the strain loss of information. In addition, use an antivirus program to prevent virus infection on your PC.

Whatever the reasons, in case you should lose your files through the PC, there is no need to worry, because you mentioned earlier you can actually restore them at your own through the use of recovering the lost utility software files with a powerful scanning algorithm that scans the sector for sector of his storage unit and recovers all lost files with the application of the signature file unique.

  • Ø sequential circumvent the recovery of unwanted files, this application helps you keep the recovered data before their restoration.
  • Ø Immediately recover lost Word files all versions of Windows and Macintosh systems.
  • Ø residential and has a strong “Find” option that makes it easy to search for any file on that basis, as different attributes of files such as file name, file size, file extension and creation date.
  • Ø best tool to recover lost files on Mac OS X Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard.
  • Ø The most beautiful regain lost and deleted files recovery even on hard drives, external drives of computers, iPods, flash drives, memory stick, FireWire drives, etc.
  • Ø Free demo edition is available for users to estimate the efficiency of recovering lost files.

Please do not download the internal or external drive for data to be retrieved because it can damage the data permanently.

Recover lost photos from removable drives


External storage devices are exploited universally marry data. The majority of users all over the world make use of memory cards as storage unit for their digital cameras, iPod, iTunes and mobile phones. Removable storage chassis are easy to embrace your photos and other files makes massive storage capacity of data easy for your digital cameras, cell phones, iPods, etc. excellent brands of storage devices are available. Many photos can be stored with vital trust on it and you can call at any time. You must recover all lost photos at any cost. Advanced Photo Recovery software is the best solution for all your data loss situations. The entire deleted photos / vanished will be recovered at a profit. This tool recovers all lost data favorably by all the external drives. It exceeds all listed in the table were lost data.

Family reasons of losing the picture: –

  • Confiscation fast storage devices: – If you disconnect a drive quickly from your computer while transferring photos, and photos may be broken and will be inaccessible.
  • Power Smash: – When you are keeping the photo no longer needed as the backup on your computer, that time does not work if the power unexpectedly. Then it might result in data loss.
  • Format fortuitous: – You could format the external storage device by chance, and then you can drop your important photos.
  • Virus infection: – When the virus attacks the storage devices, then it will destroy the files totals and makes it inaccessible to you.
  • Logical errors: – If some logical error is apparent in the file system of the storage device you can embrace the inaccessibility of significant data

Once the photos from external storage unit are gone, not overwritten with new data. Use the tool Anti-Virus to protect the unit and keep the backup of precious photos.

To convalesce lost photos, Photo Shoot utility will help you wisely. And ‘read-only tool that does not perform any write operation during the recovery process. It can be used easily and graphical user interfaces much more sufficient. Supports recovery of data on the difference of flash drives allowed. It facilitates convalescence photos from all external storage drive.

Photo Recovery Tool supports recovery process photos from SD cards or violated smashed / storage unit scribbled to recover lost photos of different formats, such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TIF, PNG, PSD, BMP and effectively. Several file formats similar photos. Jpg,. Tiff,. Bmp,. Png,. Gif etc. can be recovered. You can successfully recover photos from memory stick, xD, SD, SDHC, CF cards, etc. after losing important photos.

Photo recovery tool does not modify other files and help you recover, providing screens effortlessly and easily. You can convalescence trusted any type of data. This tool, while the recovery provides the option to “Preview” to understand the recovered files. Fast scanning engine scans of absolute unity in a few minutes and brings the photos of Al lost your sight.

It comes in the trial edition to weigh his recovery functions. You can download and run the trial edition, you will see all the lost or deleted files after scanning. Simply use the option to avoid the repeated scan “Save Recovery Session”. To accumulate all the recovered photos you need to buy the full type of this photo recovery program.


The easy method to repair Word files

MS Word is designed by an organization called the most popular Microsoft Inc. These files are stored with. Doc or. Docx file. Many of you may use applications of MS Word to create documents such as letters, resumes, invitations, novels, and even more. Although it is produced by Microsoft Company still faces problems of corruption.

Consider a scenario in which you have a presentation of the final project within your company for preparing the project documentation using MS Word in your system. But while the copy of the Word file in your USB drive, the system is shut down due to power shortage. Once again you tried to copy the documentation from your system, then you realize that your MS Word file gets corrupt and also you have no backup. This type of situation becomes very painful, as well as your efforts become rifiuti.A due to the corruption of MS Word files that you have lost all the data related to your project, but do not worry, you can repair damaged Word files using Word Repair Tool . This software helps to repair inaccessible data from the corrupt Word files / damaged / MS.

Causes of Corruption of Word files:
• Virus / Malware attack.
• System suddenly turns off.
• Corruption of Windows registry.
• Share the Word file on the network.
• Download / upload Word files from sites you do not trust.

These are the main reasons due to which the documents as corrupt or damaged MS and you have to face the loss of data. So it is always safer to avoid this type of corruption in the Word file in the following way,

Precautionary measures to prevent corruption of the Word file :
• Maintain updated antivirus.
• Use high-quality UPS.
• Do not share Word files on the network.
• Always keep a backup copy of important files in Word.

Solutions for those who have lost data from MS Word files for its corruption. Repair word files software is among the best and advanced file recover tool. Many helps to repair damaged Word files, because it has not had any changes in it. This software is responsible for repairing damaged Word files from FAT, NTFS file system. Many can repair Word files inaccessible to SATA / ATA / IDE hard drive as well as, XD, SD, CF memory card corrupted / damaged, or USB drive eccSoftware Word File Repair has advanced scanning engine that will help you scan entire disk at very short notice and file repair corrupt Word doc and docx formatted quickly.

This software is able to repair damaged Word files of MS Word 2000 and above version and is also well suited for all latest versions of Windows, or Windows 7, Vista, and 7. You do not have the technical knowledge to make use of the Word file repair software because it provides well explained with the user manual and user interface. The software programs to repair Word files are available in the free demo version that is installed on your system and try to recover the data on the computer. If you satisfied with this software you can buy the software in order to save the recovery results.

Best Software to Recover Hard Disk Partitions on Windows

Hard disk can be divided into several divisions known as partitions to keep the data separate sections. Make the partitions on the disk has many advantages. You can store similar data on each logical drive and helps you easily find access. You can also assign a name to the partition according to your convenience. So, looking at the name you come to know the type of file is stored on disk detail. You can use different file systems on different partitions on the hard disk.

The partitions are more prone to corruption when handled improperly. You may face the loss of data due to partition formatting partitions on your hard disk. Assume that you are working on some of the files on the system. One day you decided to format the partition to improve system performance and remove the harmful viruses. Then you select the disk partition, but at the same time you forgot to take the back up files stored on the particular hard disk partition. After completing this process had bothered to note that you can not find the important files stored on the partition. This is because during the formatting process has deleted all the files stored on the drive partition that results in huge data loss. Do not worry as it is very easy to recover data from hard disk partition using the partition recovery software.

Some of the reasons for the loss of data on disk partitions are mentioned below.

  • Resize a Partition : If you encounter any error messages displayed when creating new partitions and then the data stored on partitions become inaccessible, resulting in huge loss of data.
  • Formatting the wrong partition : Sometimes when formatting if you accidentally select the wrong partition instead of selecting the particular partition without having the suitable back up important files then results in severe data loss crisis.
  • Frequent Power Failure : If there is a power outage when the hard drive is performing read / write operation, then it will be hard hit. Improper system shutdown due to frequent power outages affect the operation of the hard disk which leads to bad sectors resulting in huge loss of data.

When files are deleted or lost partitions from the hard drive due to one of the above situations or the other, do not panic remember you have partition recovery software to restore files by a few clicks of the mouse. This utility is able to recover data on Windows 8 , XP. Vista, 2003, 7, etc. effectively.

Some of the features of this utility

  • This software also recovers lost partition from external hard drive with USB and FireWire.
  • Recovery software for hard disk partition helps you to recover lost data from your hard drive partition on the computer and also helps to restore hard disks with bad sectors.
  • It supports to recover lost or deleted files like photos, videos and audio files from various types of memory cards such as SD, Mini SD, SDHC, CF card, Micro SD, MMC, etc.
  • This utility allows you to get back the files from the memory card corrupted or formatted ones, which are used in digital cameras, music players, cell phones, etc.

You can use the demo version of this software, which is always available for you. It will allow you to preview the recovered file before saving and storing the position you want. If you are satisfied with the recovery result you can purchase the licensed version with reasonable price.


Useful Tips to recover hard drive data on Macintosh systems

Hard drives are usually used to store large amounts of data with the operating system. Internal hard drives are not removable media such as CD or DVD. When you need more space you’ll be able to get the hard drive of some new Mac Hard Drive Mac could be dissected into volumes, where each volume behaves like a separate container. You can see all the volumes, each time you select the computer in the bar area devices side of the Finder window. Volumes can also be displayed on the desktop of your Mac. HFS (Hierarchical File System) is the main file system used by Macintosh computers. Now, the Mac operating system supports two types of file systems HFS and HFSX ie. The basic principle behind this file system is the one that concerns the hierarchy that is similar to the tree structure extended from the sub directory of the directory as well as the top of the hierarchy is called as root. In fact, the boot volume is mounted the mount point root and also the remaining volumes of hard disks are mounted on a lower level in a directory called / volumes.You are able to store any type of data, such as audio, video, photo, text, data, etc. Sometimes, due to some common human errors, hard disk may get accident resulting in loss of data. In such a special case , you can use Mac data recovery software to recover data from the hard drive when the hard drive is corrupted or damaged.

Sometimes, you may encounter error messages like “Incorrect block count for file”, “Invalid volume free block count” or “Volume Header needs minor repair”, etc. These error messages occur due to corruption in the volume header. The Mac file system HFS uses allocation blocks that can be stored in the file allocation. File Allocation stores allocation blocks used and unused. All allocation blocks are stored in the volume header. The volume header of the boot volume contains information on the Mac OS boot loader. If this volume header is damaged you might be able to access the volumes with errors. These errors can therefore not provide access to the data they produce data loss.

In these cases, if you have already created a backup that you’ll be able to easily restore from a backup copy. In case you do not have backups, you must use an alternative data recovery software for hard drive recovery Mac .

Mac hard drive recovery software is a reliable data recovery, which will help you to recover lost data even from deleted, missing or corrupted hard disk volumes. After accidentally formatted Mac volumes from HFS HFSX and then you can also use this software to recover lost data. This software has integrated scanning algorithms to recover lost data from various types of hard disk like SATA, IDE and SCSI. You can download the trial version which allows you to preview the recovered data in a Mac Finder interface style.

Best way to recover data from USB hard drive on Mac OS

The USB drives are external data memory. This is integrated with a USB interface. This device is used to move large volumes of documents / files / data sets of different types, such as text, media, pictures, etc., from one system to another. USB hard drive is convenient rewritable and available in different sizes. So you can wear these devices any where in the world. But the integral hard disk drives are not able to use for this purpose. So far, the most used are the external devices are magnetic tapes, floppy disks, and CD-ROMs. These devices are primarily intended for the storage and data transmission. These external devices reduceses use is due to the introduction of USB hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives, etc.

USB hard drive is mainly works on flash memory technology, so it is also called as flash device. There are flash drives existing of different companies in the market such as: Sony, Transcend, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, etc. These drives are USB mass storage standard, which is used by all versions of operating system such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, sustainable, and UNIX.

In general, which is regularly done malfunction Insert or connect a USB hard drive into a personal computer, hit by mistake causes the Port of gadgets are warped with devices. And other data lose scenarios inadvertently option format presses, damaged by the file system during partition, etc. Whatever may be the source of data loss on Mac, be sure and continue to find direction in solution. And most of all about the cause, think could cause lose of data occurs, then take data-recovery-steps . You can access software data from USB hard drive after the malfunction by tool called USB hard disk recovery.

There are other causes of corruption of USB drive:

  • Whiles convert a file system to another Conversion: If there is an error in the method of converting the file system of a particular file, there may be huge file losses on partition of your system and also from external hard drive on the Mac. Sometimes user tries to change the file type of a particular file as from NTFS to FAT or vice versa, and sometimes even from NTFS to HFS without conscious about the actual conversion process.
  • Corrupt external USB drive: It is also possible that your USB drive is damaged by excessive exposure to unauthenticated third application tool. You can save data from damaged USB flash drive in a fraction of the time for all the missing files back from your storage media.
  • Improper removal or ejection of USB drive: If you do not properly remove the USB device during the transfer of files from it to lead to computer or vice versa, in huge data loss along with deleting files.
  • Synchronization Error: Improper synchronization method can also connect your external storage medium dead or damaged.

It is recommended that you take proper care while using flash drives and place them in an appropriate manner in the specified slots to transfer to / from the Mac systems or to receive data. You must re-take of USB drive with other external devices or Macintosh, and connect to an external power supply during data transfer to / from the system while changing file system USB drive. By chance if you do not have backup of your data stored in USB drive, then it is recommended to use USB Drive recovery software.

USB Hard Disk Recovery utility is extremely used to recover data from dead USB drives. It will recover lost or deleted data from corrupted, formatted USB drives files, etc., with advanced features. This utility is also used to recognize data from the hard disk drives such as Serial ATA, IDE, SCSI, etc., and flash drives SD, XD, MMC and memory sticks etc. It has a fast recovery engine and restore most file types to retrieve. It has a greater graphical user interface, so you do not face difficulties in the installation. To check these important features click on the following link:

You can download the demo version of the software for free without any download to evaluate the restoration results. If you can bye this software impressed with the preview of the results. It can recover all shielded data.

Best Software to repair Outlook PST file

Microsoft will give you an excellent personal and business e-mail management tool called Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook works well by individual users for individual use as well as multi-users in an organization. It is mainly used for e-mail transfer deals and reminders from the calendar to Microsoft Outlook halten.In all emails and other Outlook attributes such as calendar entries, contacts, appointments, meeting requests, tasks, journals and notes etc. . stored in a PST file.Can damage PST files due to various situations and it can lead to the e-mail, contacts, and many other types of Microsoft Outlook reduce attributes. The question to suit your needs is to repair how to Outlook PST file? So that you can repair damaged PST on any version of Outlook to perform, really need to make use of PST repair tool.

The Microsoft Outlook PST file can be in a variety of situations like corruption of PST file header error while compressing the PST file, antivirus scanning, incompatibility in the expansion of Outlook, oversized PST file, split pst file spoil on the network, use of the network and improper system shutdown before closing Microsoft Outlook situations like this, is the top solution for your question, how to repair Outlook PST file usually consider the possibility To use Outlook PST file repair shop software. Some scenarios in which the corruption of PST file has highlighted below.

The default location of the PST file of Microsoft Outlook is C: \ Users \ <user name> \ App Data \ Local \ Microsoft \ Outlook \. While some in the C: drive in the event that you accidentally delete the PST file then you lose your Microsoft Outlook attributes. The deleted PST files could be restored by the use of some file restore tool. For the reason that such a situation you will find opportunities for the corruption of PST file while recovering the deleted PST file.

You will find so many scenarios as more organizations can make use of Microsoft Outlook for multi-user purpose. For the reason that some sort of instance, only a single PST file over the network will be shared by several users. Especially in the case of offices with multiple users and experience, as well the same PST file.In these types of cases, the PST file gets corrupted, so for this reason, leading to a decrease of important e-mail and other features of Outlook like contacts, journals, etc.

Suppose you want to make positive changes to Microsoft Outlook application from your older version to a new version. This option allows you to import an existing PST file to the newer types of Microsoft Outlook. When importing, because of the incompatibility could result in the corruption of PST file.

However, the damaged PST file could possibly be repaired by good PST repair tool. The Outlook PST repair tool enables you to repair corrupt PST file and restore Outlook contacts , journals, etc. The use of this software it is possible to the damaged PST files in different versions of Microsoft Outlook such as Microsoft Outlook to 2000, Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 creates repair. In addition, the support for the restoration of the damaged OST files. It is also possible to get the demo tool of this software from the official website that helps you gain in depth know-how in terms of software features.

Best Image revive tool

How to restore pictures from memory card?

Can take an error of people with fully loaded digicam users away from the images. Often people say that I do not believe until they happened together, but it is a truth. Like if you while erasing sub-standard images or unknowingly hit format option may delete some important photos of you card. Well, how would you cope with memory card at that moment to restore your lost pictures? When people say it is a little difficult, but it is quite easy if deleted or lost photos are not overwritten with new files. Pics are invisible, but they will get some corner of the map. You’ll be able to recover deleted pictures from a camera to your own by memory card recovery software restore.

Click photos with an effective camera certainly is a wonderful ability. The output of the cameras photo quality is really good. Losing images from this advanced digital camera is definitely a crazy occurrence. If the lost images are very vital, it’s hard to digest it. When this happens, remember that you memory card recovery software to pull out photos for you in the USB stick haben.Gleich you after understanding that your photos are no longer inside the card as well as backup, hit this program and let him go his task. Within a short time, it will be deleted pictures from camera

What actually happens?

Usually deletion or formatting just doing all photo files invisible from users eyesight. You are no longer required in the list and the file system allow the space occupied by these files to store new incoming images. Until and unless the room is not occupied by new data, further retained files before. Storage device recovery software retrieves such data by the memory sectors using these file attributes. By conducting a deep scan it recovered photos in a few Minuten.Wie log you quite sure, never concern yourself with the best way to recover photos from memory card and recover the way to the memory of the camera photos.

What is a recovery program?

Memory card recovery software packages are made a specialized program to share photos, videos and other multimedia files from memory cards in various brands of cameras such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus, etc. A simple card scan Undelete memory card for photos used to recover personally. With this kind of tool it is possible to retrieve deleted or lost photos from digital camera card for Windows and Mac systems. Even if the card is damaged or formatted well, they are from Fotos.Damit you can discover how this utility to retrieve photos and review product to reach before and the demo kind of software program.

Here you will find topics on which the process of recovery is a complicated task. If you are to recover a file of these types of items you need to complete a form of recovery software, the recovery of a specific image from a defective or deleted partition allowed.

Am I needed to be a specialist for the procurement of images?

Not necessarily, basic knowledge will do about computers. The individual steps are

  • Ø Purchase the software and take over the installation in a separate drive as I mentioned
  • Ø Select the deleted file option on the title page
  • Ø Choose how pictures that you need to recover and begin to
  • Ø When the search process is to save the recovered images performed in a separate drive, and do not forget the session for future use.

All this software is likely to be much needed for recovering photos from crashed computer disks.

Way to get back files after formatting the hard drive

Formatting hard drive means the loss of all data from the partition. It deletes all data and details from the hard drive and completely cleans information from him.Once we format the partition, the file structure on disk is deleted. So what to do now, if you partition your hard drive and formatted by the respective partition lost data. It may contain numerous important files were in this Partition.Möchten you restore these files from this specific formatted partition? If so, then you need to use the recovery software to recover formatted hard drive. In such a situation you can make use of data recovery after format software to get back data after format.

We create hard disk partitions usually large amounts of data on the hard disk or according to systematically manage. Sometimes for installing more than one operating system on a single computer, we create partitions in the rule. But while a fresh partition or format the partition, we presented always fail to remember that such a case should be returned to the stored Daten.In we need some after format data recovery software, which will be able, these lost files from any hard drive partition will restore. With the recovery software formatted hard drive data recovery is not a big deal anymore. Depending on the importance of lost data, it totally depends on you how fast you want to restore these files from the hard drive.

While formatting the hard drive, we often overlook the important data stored in the hard disk. After the format process is over, we understand what we have done mistakes. It’s too late to be apologetic. In general, the disk format because of some motives may due to the virus attack. Eventually, if you lack a sudden outbreak as one of the hard disk partition, or the partition table of the hard disk is damaged, then the only desire is that disk recovery software to partition hard drive ist.Fehlende does not mean the loss of all data. You can still recover the lost files. Dual boot is an additional crisis of data loss. Is pre-installed in the system with an operating system and you try another on a different hard drive partition to install leads to data loss from hard drive. If somehow the Master Boot Record of Windows PC is damaged, then it can lead to data loss. However, the recovery of lost data is probably with this recovery tool.

Some top features of this tool are:

  • Software has a simple user interface makes the software easy to work with .
  • It is easy to retrieve data from RAW hard drives
  • This tool is capable to recover data from external hard drives, formatted flash drives, memory cards, etc..
  • It is able to recover data from the hard drive after format during OS installation.

Formatted hard drive recovery tool, the software is made ​​to the liability of recovering data from the hard drive after formatting the hard drive. It has the ability of restoring the 300 types of file formats from the formatted hard drive. This sole recovery tool not only return data on the hard disk, but also supports any type of storage media like USB sticks, memory cards, iPods, etc. In the event of bad sectors of hard drives, it produces disk image to recover the lost files correctly . This software comes with the preview alternative with the trial version of the software. You can use the link more details and to review their skills in relation to the recovery of data from the hard disk

The Most Effective iPod recovery utility

IPod is the electronic device and a lot more popular to media files such as documents, video sequences to save photos, etc., but these media files to your iPod, you need to synchronize to keep it together with your computer. But on your iPod to the computer you sync iTunes software. This software has iTune Auto Sync option. After connecting this iPod to your computer, you should auto sync option so that it automatically updates the files on your own iPod with whatever data into the system the iTunes library stored. You should accidentally select recovery then you lose all the MP3 files stored on the iPod. So, now what next? How will you recover MP3 files from your iPod? Do not worry! It is quite easy to recover iPod data by using iPod recovery software.

There are many different iPod models such as iPod shuffle, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, etc. The storage capacity of the iPod differentiated by its own model. IPod has FAT32 file system specifically programmed to store data in it. Although Apple’s iPod put together, etc. it explains a few common reasons, the problem of data loss that can potentially due to accidental deletion faces are file system corruption, virus infection, improper handling of iPod.

• virus or malware concerns ipod that ends in destruction of the data stored on the iPod.
• Human errors like accidentally use the restore option cause lack of MP3s from your iPod.
• Abrupt removal of iPod from the computer lists the file system corruption and results in the loss data.
• Improper handling of iPod such as eliminating the iPod while transferring files on the system can also cause lack of music files from iPods.

The above problems can be easily solved by using iPod recovery software. Before, during, with software that make use of your iPod up and until you get back lost MP3 files by using iPod recovery software.

IPod recovery software is the one of the best software by using which you will corrupt any lost audio files, video sequences can recover files, photos, etc. The application really helps to recover all lost data from damaged iPod drives and also helps you to recover data corrupted iPod filesystem. The software is considered to be stable and efficient software to recover lost data. The software supports almost all media formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, MIDI, WAV, JPEG, PNG, BMP etc. The software is available in free demo version that you can download and install would on your desktop. The free demo version of your lost data from iPod display. If you feel satisfied with the effect, you can buy fully licensed copy to store the result.