Easily Repair Incomplete or Corrupted Video Files

At times there are situations where you may download a video file or convert a video file and end up losing access on it. The possible cause behind the inaccessibility of video file might be corruption, and corruption can be due to incomplete download or transfer of file to bad sectors on hard drive etc.

It can be heart breaking if you find the file corrupted after making hour long effort to download or convert etc. However few of the many video files can be fixed as the problem is usually related to header and index. Thus if this part is fixed then you could be able to access the file as it was earlier.

video file

Do not attempt:

You may find some solution relating to video file repair over internet, where it may involve the use of an editor or the media player. You can make your chance to fix the file but make sure you have an additional copy of the video file. Because the attempt what you are making to the file might involve the risk of further corruption which can permanently damage the file.

These fixes can at times be successful but in many cases you might fail to repair the file. Thus in this situation you can opt for all in one solution which can fit in all situations. Make use of Digital Video Repair Tool which can easily repair incomplete video file in simple clicks.

Different Reasons behind Video File Corruption                         

  • Incomplete video file transfer can cause damage to the file. For example when transferring video file from camera SD card to laptop. The transfer can be interrupted due to device failure, software conflicts, shutdown of computer, unknown errors and many others
  • Use of faulty program to convert, modify, crop, enhance the video file can also lead to corruption of video file
  • When the header and index of the video file is damaged by any reason then you will not be able to access the file
  • CRC errors encountered during compression or decompression is also a sign of corruption of video file
  • When some of the frames of the video file go missing or if they are damaged then you may somehow get access to the file but will not be playable correctly

These are some ways by which video file might get corrupted but you can use Digital Video Repair program to fix the corruption issues easily.

Additional Information – Digital Video Repair

Digital Video Repair is an effective video repair tool which can easily repair video file without affecting or compromising with the quality of the video file. You can easily repair the video files that are corrupted due to: faulty digital camera, incomplete recovery, round tripping and various others.

  • The tool can be easily used to repair the file on Windows and Mac systems
  • You can repair the corrupt video files that are stored on external hard disk, USB drive, memory card, iPod, etc.
  • The best part of the tool is it does not alter any of the content from original video file, act as read only software to extract the content and make a new video file out of it
  • Once the file is repaired you can preview the repaired file and save the video file onto your local computer or any other accessible storage device, however you will have to purchase the tool to save the repaired video file


  • Virus infection can also lead to corruption of video file, thus install a good anti-virus program which can act strongly on the viruses
  • If you are downloading any video file make sure it is from trusted source