Best Tool to Recover Data from Broken External Hard drive

Nowadays external hard drive becomes very popular especially USB based drives due to its capabilities, portability nature, low cost and most importantly you can store huge amount of data. External hard drives are bigger in storage capacity ranging from GB to TB. You can’t imagine how you become awful if you lost important file from external hard drive. If back up of files with you then you can easily restore it back. However, what if you don’t have back up of files?  With all valuable files which are stored in hard disk drive, being faced with broken in disk drive or any other disk failure can be pretty scary. Don’t be worry! Here is the most effective application which helps to recover all lost/deleted data from external hard drive but you should act fast.

Data Recovery is one of the robust and consistent software which can recover data from broken external hard drive without damaging your drive by just reading content which is present in it. This tool also supports recovering data from several brands of external hard drives like Western Digital, Buffalo and Seagate etc. Moreover, this software can be used to retrieve all kinds of files from different brands of external hard drive on all versions of Windows and Mac operating system.

While using external hard drive, normally user will do some mistakes which often results in broken hard drive. Some of the scenarios are listed below.

  • Abrupt ejection of external hard drive:  It is the most general storage drive when it comes to transporting massive volume of data from one place to other, normally you may plug into computer. Once read/write operation completes, most of them eject drive without using ‘safely removing external drive’. This leads to loss of dat.
  • Bad sectors on hard drive: While performing some data operation, immediate reboot or due to power fluctuations may result formation of bad sectors on external HDD and even drive can be broken.
  •  Suppose you connecting your external hard drive to system, unluckily there is some noisy sound will be coming out due to broken drive. In the same way overheating is also one of the reasons for data loss from external HDD.
  • Improper shutdown: User should not terminate the system without closing all running applications since sudden stopping may crushes the header and even external hard drive becomes damaged and system can’t be accessible.

No matter what may be the reasons for data loss from external hard drive, if you have backup of files then you are at safer place. If you don’t have back up then use data recovery tool which helps to restore all lost/deleted files. It has an excellent in-built scanning algorithm which scans complete hard drive and restores it back.  This software rescue data from flash drive, pen drives, memory cards, etc. It can recover numerous types of files like RAW photos, digital photos, text documents, video files, songs, spreadsheets, PPT files etc.