Download Software to Restore Data from Crashed Hard Drive

recover-data-from-crashed-windows-hard-driveHard drives are effectively used to store the data such as audios, videos, pictures, document files like Word files, Excel files, PDF files, PPT files etc based on the availability of storage device.

The most common way of losing data is due to hard drive crash. How to recover crashed hard drive? Is that possible to retrieve files from crashed hard drive?  If you come across such scenarios not to worry, file recovery from crashed hard disk is possible by using tertiary Hard Drive Recovery Software.

How to recover crashed hard drive ?

Follow the below steps to restore data from crashed hard drive:

Step 1:  Download and install Hard Drive Recovery software on your operating system.

Step 2: Once you launch the application. Click on “Recover Partition/ Drives”

Step 3: Later select “Partition Recovery” option to recover entire hard drive data.

Step 4: choose the hard drive from which you want to restore lost files and click Next button to proceed further.

Step 5: After selecting lost partition to recover files option, scanning process for recovery will be initiated and once scan is done, a list of restored hard drive data will be displayed

Step 6: Purchase the software, to save the the recovered files on to your desired location.

Major cases behind hard drive crash:

  • Case 1: – MBR Corruption: MBR may get corrupted due to improper system shutdown, viruses etc., which leads to hard drive crash. If MBR gets corrupted then it does not allow the BIOS to boot the Operating System resulting in error messages.
  • Case 2:- Re-partitioning the hard drive:Hard drive crash and huge data loss may occur while converting file system from FAT to NTFS during re-partition of the hard drive. If the process of conversion is interrupted in between due to power interruption or some other reasons hard drive may crash.
  • Case 3:- Human Negligence:Apart from the above explained cases you can also lose files due to partition corruption, errors during file system conversion, accidentally lost partition during partition conversion from dynamic to basic, etc. Sudden logoff of your computer due to power interruption may result in enormous data loss. If your system shutdown while you are working on your system, the file system of hard drive can get corrupted and may inaccessible to open.

Overview of crashed hard drive recovery software:

Hard drive recovery software is a recommended file recovery tool with strong inbuilt algorithms. This software is a user friendly and most reliable to use. This software has an ability to recover data from corrupted hard disk as well as crashed hard disks. It performs file recovery from NTFS formatted drives and also bypasses bad sectors by creating disk image files and recover files from various types of memory cards, iPods, USB drives, etc.

This software can be extensively used to recover data from SATA hard drive, IDE hard drive and SCSI hard drive without any hassle. This hard drive recovery software will be the best option if you are worried about how to restore data from Seagate GoFlex.

Restoring Data after Hard Drive Partition Error

It is pretty easy to recover data after hard drive partition error and it is through the usage of a good file recovery software. This article discusses exactly what software to use to make the recovery of hard drive partition data. The software we are going to use is Remo Recover which you can find it yourself as the most convenient and easy to use application which quickly recovers all the data even after hard drive partition error. Here is a video illustration of recovering data from hard drives which shows step by step tutorials on how it is possible. Make sure to watch it to understand the functionalities of the software and it eases your efforts.

Steps as Shown in the above Video

  • Just go to the site shown in the video and download Remo Recover tool on your computer.
  • Once the download is complete, open the software in which you find some options.
  • Click ‘Recover Drives’ followed by ‘Partition Recovery’ in the main steps. Now choose the storage device attached to your computer in which your partition shows error.
  • After choosing it, the tool scans for all available found drives and partitions which you need to select. Once it is selected, click the next button.
  • (Software scans for lost / deleted data from the partition which is showing error).
  • Once it is over, it will present you the set of all the files and folders which are available for recovery.
  • Choose the files which are available for restore and proceed to the next step of choosing the destination path. Activate the version of the software to enjoy benefits of saving the restored files.

Attributes of Remo Recover Tool

  • The tool is specialized in restoring data after hard disk partition error by using secure and advanced restore mechanisms / algorithms.
  • Able to work on all hard drives such as Seagate, Maxtor, HP, Transcend, etc. Partitions with all file formats such as FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT are supported.
  • Supports partitions of hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, SSD drives, firewire drives, etc. Works on all physical disk drives.
  • Ability to save the recovery session in order to eliminate scanning over and over again. It saves a lot of time scanning disks.
  • Able to give free preview of restored data before saving. The user can make sure that the software really works in restoring all files.
  • Pictures, music, video, documents and all kinds of file types are supported for recovery from hard drive partition.

What Causes Hard Drive Partition Error?

  • An improper functioning of the hard drive due to virus / Trojan / malware infections lead to this error.
  • Ejection / removal of hard drives without safe removal while any file is in use by the computer, causes partition error.
  • Often, partition error can be caused by a sudden power surge or shutting down of the computer in an abrupt manner.
  • Disruption while doing the format of the partition may have causes partition errors.

Any such scenario could be the cause of partition error in hard drives but buy using a tool like Remo Recover on your Windows computer can recover your files in few simple clicks.

Know How to Recover Data from Formatted Storage Drive On Windows and Mac

“Hi, I was using SSD drive of 500GB from the last couple of months. Till now it was working fine, but all of sudden I encountered with an error asking me format the drive. Looking for any further assistance, I just opt for formatting the drive which resulted in loss of all files and folder from the SSD drive.  I know it’s a mistake and I need to rectify and recover lost files from SSD drive. Is there any solution to retrieve files from formatted drive? If available, please let me know so that I can recover lost files and folder from SSD drive. It will be highly appreciated, Thanks in advance”Hard drive recovery

Have you ever encountered with such above scenario and facing problems of data loss issue from the different drives like hard drive, SSD, USB, etc. Don’t get panicked anymore as there is solution to recover formatted drive data with the aid of software like Formatted Drive Recovery. Process of recovering data from formatted drive can be easily done within few simple steps with the help of its strong inbuilt features. Before knowing more about the inbuilt features and available option of this recovery tool. Let us see some of the reasons in which users opt for formatting the drive.

Cases in Which Drive Gets Formatted:

  • Sometimes users unintentionally may opt for formatting the drive while performing other task on the drive which results in removal of all files from the drive.
  • Format error will be other case in which users may forcefully opt for formatting the drive which also results in loss of all files from the drive
  • Users may require new files to be stored on the drive. In this case, to remove all the files he/she intentionally opt for formatting the drive which results in loss of files from the drive.

The above are the different cases in which users opt for formatting the drive and results in removal of all files and folder from the drive. As said earlier, Formatted Drive Recovery helps to perform data recovery from formatted drive like hard drive. USB, SSD, etc. Know, let us see some of striking features of this software.

Key Features of Formatted Drive Recovery Software:

  • With the assistance of this software, you can recover formatted drive data in just few simple steps
  • It works very well on the different platforms of Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Data Type Preview or File Type Preview option help you to preview the recovered item from formatted drive
  • Capable of recovering more than 300 different types of files from formatted hard drive, SSD drive, USB drive, etc.


Deleted File Recovery from Maxtor External Hard Drive

External hard drives are just the storage devices utilized to save various data. It is basically used when the internal hard drive spaceimages of a computer is not adequate to store data. These external hard drives have a simple USB cable using which they are simply connected to computers through USB port. You can also connect the external hard drive through FireWire port. There are many brands of external hard drives available in market among them Maxtor is one. It comes with a high storage capacity which facilitates an individual to store huge number of files in it.

Sometimes it may happen that the files stored in Maxtor external hard disk get lost. In such situation, you may think that how to restore deleted files from Maxtor external hard disk. To recover data from Maxtor external hard disk, you can make use of Maxtor Data Recovery software.

Scenarios of Losing a File from Maxtor External Hard Drive:

Accidental Deletion: You may lose data from Maxtor external hard drive, in case you mistakenly select any important file while deleting unnecessary data from Maxtor external hard drive.

Antivirus Scan: If your Maxtor external hard disk has any virus infected files then you may scan the device using antivirus software while scanning there are more chances of infected files getting deleted by antivirus.

File System Corruption: Every storage device features a file system; even the Maxtor external hard disk drives also have a file system. This file system retains all the information of stored data. Sometimes due to virus infection or some other reason it may gets corrupt. If file system gets corrupt then you will not be able to access any of the data from Maxtor external hard disk which finally ends in severe data loss.

In addition to these, there are lots of other reasons as a result of which you will lose files from Maxtor external hard disk. Whatever may be the reason you don’t have to worry because with the help of Maxtor Data Recovery software, you can easily restore missing files from Maxtor external hard drive in few clicks of mouse.

How to avoid data loss in the future?

  • Always keep the back up of important files from time to time so that you can recover important files when you accidentally delete them from your external hard drive.
  • Check twice before deleting any files from the hard drive or any other storage devices to make sure that you don’t need those files anymore.

Features of Maxtor Data Recovery software:

  • Maxtor Data Recovery software is capable of recovering deleted or lost files from Maxtor external hard drive.
  • With the assistance of this powerful external hard drive recovery app, you can easily restore any sort of lost or deleted files including photos, audios, video clips, etc.
  • It recovers accidentally deleted files from external hard disk drives on both Windows and Mac based computers.
  • This amazing recovery app incorporates a powerful scanning engine that can scan entire Maxtor external hard disk in few minutes.
  • Demo version of this tool is available free on the website, so prior to purchase you can even examine the product and once you are satisfied with the recovered results then you can purchased the full version of the software to save the recovered files.

Try Failed Hard Drive Data Recovery Software for FREE

Hard drive is a storage device used to store and retrieve huge amount of data of different types such as music files, pictures, videos, document files etc. A hard drive contains one or more platters for writing data by make use of a magnetic head which are built inside of an air-sealed casing. Generally, internal hard disks are located in a drive bay which is connected to the motherboard using SATA, ATA, or SCSI cable and hard drives are get powered by a connection to the power supply unit (PSU). Hard drives are designed in a well structured way by imposing various data protection techniques. You can access files stored on the hard drives whenever you require it. Sometimes, your computer hard drive may get unresponsive or failed at the time while doing some tasks with that. Due to various causes, hard drive failure problem may happen.

Data recovery from failed hard driveIn such a situation, you may get worried and tried to access the files that are stored in the failed hard drive. But your hard drive won’t response therefore you may seek some relevant solution from internet or friends with your query “how to recover data from a failed hard drive?” In order to prevent from hard drive failure issue, proper back of your important files have to be maintaining regularly. If failed to take backup means you need not get upset because your files are safe within the failed hard drive. The data stored on that partition is only inaccessible. So you have the good chance to achieve data recovery from failed hard drive with the help of powerful recovery software like Failed Hard Drive Recovery software.

Possible Reasons behind a Hard Drive Failure:

Severe Virus Infection: The file system of your hard drive may get affected by severe virus or malware attack. If severity of infection goes high means file system of hard drive can get damaged completely and this may lead to that hard drive into a failed state.

Power Surge: While doing some task with your computer hard drive, power fluctuation or power failure may happen suddenly. Due to this problem your hard drive may become unresponsive.

Bad Sectors: Sectors on a hard disk can become defective due to several reasons such as file system corruption and virus infection. If the bad sectors on a hard drive increases beyond a number that we may difficult to handle, it may make failed hard drive.

Corrupted Operating System Files:  Sometimes, operating system files like boot.ini, NTLDR, msdos.sys may get lost or corrupted and you may encounter an error message like “missing DLL files”. In such a situation, your hard drive may not response properly.

Features of Removable Drive Recovery Tool:

  • This tool scans the entire hard drive in a few minutes for performing a failed hard drive data recovery efficiently and also it recovers data from various external HDD brands such as Western Digital, Samsung, Iomega, Seagate, etc.

  • This reliable software runs on all the latest Windows OS versions and Mac OS X versions for recovering data from failed hard drive. You can achieve data recovery on various Windows OS version such as Windows XP/7/8/Windows Vista, etc. and Mac OS versions Yosemite, Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Leopard, Mountain Lion, , etc.

  • It recovers data from failed hard drive on various types of hard drives such as SATA, IDE, SCSI and PATA.

  • Failed hard drive data can be recovered from ExFAT, NTFS5, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 file system structured hard drives using this reliable tool.

  • Recovered data can be sorted based on of file type, file created date, file modified date, file name, and file size with the help of this tool.

Easily Recover Data from Verbatim External Hard Drive

Besides computer or laptop inbuilt hard drive, one of the other most used hard drive is external hard drive. One of the most popular brands of external hard drive is Verbatim which allows users to save some of the important files in well-organized way. Verbatim External Hard Drive supports all types of file format that includes audio files, video files, PDF files, spreadsheets, text documents and many other file formats.

Now imagine, in the event you want to work on external hard drive and connect it to the PC, but instead showing stored data, it shows an error message indicating your drive has corrupted or drive could not access. As this kind of error message is reported by the system, there is no way that data can be accessed from Verbatim drive. But no need to worry!!! As right here we have Removable Drive Recovery software, which easily deals with these kinds of data loss scenarios.

The situation as mentioned above in respect to external hard drive can happen due to many reasons. Let`s see few common scenarios where you may lose data from external drive-

  • File System Corruption- External hard drives are usually used over different system for some reason. While doing such a thing there is possibility that the file system of hard drive may get corrupted. File system of hard drive may get corrupted due to different reasons such as virus infection, improper ejection, software conflict, etc. As this kind instance happen, neither read nor write operation can be performed upon hard drive.
  • Accidental deletion of data- Suppose you have connected hard drive to PC. You select the files from drive and by mistake you hit the DELETE key then instead moving into the Recycle Bin or Trash, files will get erased from the system.

Still there are many more cases in addition to above that lead you to lose data from external hard drive, such as format of the external hard drive, error while transferring data in between PC and external hard drive, system crash when external hard drive is in connection with PC, etc. Whatever may be the reason behind data loss from external hard drive just make use of Removable Drive Recovery software and get back all your data with few mouse clicks. For more details see the link:

Advanced features of Removable Drive Recovery software-

Along with Verbatim external hard drive it is capable to support other popular brands like Seagate, Sony, SanDisk, Western Digital, Buffalo, Hitachi, Dell, Toshiba, Kingston, Lenovo and many other. It recovers the data from the hard drive partitions like HFSX, HFS+, FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, NTFS 5 and ExFAT and ReFS. This recovery software works in Windows operating system versions Windows 7, Windows 8 (Standard and Enterprise), and Windows Vista. In addition, with the Windows OS it also supports Mac operation system versions that include Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Leopard, and Snow Leopard and so on. It has an ability to recover the files with ADS (Alternate Data Stream) property that is present in NTFS partition of the hard drive. Apart from the hard drive it is able to recover data from flash memory cards like XD, SD, MMC, memory sticks etc. and also from USB external drives, FireWire drives, iPods and so on.